Big Bags / FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) made of woven PP (Polypropylen) produced for all types of bulk goods. Typically Big Bags contains goods weighing from 500 kg to 2.000 kilos with 1, 2, or 4 loops for lifting – with or without PE (Polyethylen) liner.

The flexible production allows for customizing Big Bags to meet our customers specific needs for filling, discharging, handling and transportation.

Areas of use:

  • Chemicals
  • Farmaceutical products
  • Fertilizer
  • Feed Produce
  • Granulates
  • Grains
  • Building materials (Sand, gravel, soil, compost)
  • Ingredients
  • Plastics
  • Seeds
  • Milk Powder
  • Starch

Safety must always be a priority using Big Bags. A conductive 4 loop bags will reduce the risk for electrostatic firings and dust explosions.

Classifications Type A, Type B, Type C or Type D.

Bags for transportation of hazardous goods for instance must be designed, tested and marked with correct UN label

Lifting method

4-loop construction

The loops are sewn into the corner seam (internal or external) 

Cross corner

The loops are sewn to the side of panels of the bag making loop-openings on the top. As the loops are open the bag is easily lifted by a fork lift.


Tunnel/Sleeve suspension

The suspension is constructed by extending and folding the side panels

Open top

A good solution for packing of rocks and gravel etc. which does not require any top protection after filling.


Full opening at the top during filling which can be closed and secured by sewn-in tie string on the skirt fabric.


Filling spout 

The spout is tied to a filling port which makes a closed system during filling. Close and secure by sewn-in tie string.

Plain bottom

The most common type which can be dischared by cutting the bottom.

Discharge spout

During unloading i is possible to control or stop the discharging by sewn-in tie string.

Bottom skirt/Full bottom discharge

The bottom skirt enables the product to discharge in full in a very short time. Bottom skirt can be made conical.

Protection of discharge spout

In order to protect the discharge spout it is possible to add a spout cover surrounding the existing closing.

Square Bags

Square Bags

GLECOtainer Square Bags are constructed with plain side panels which gives the following advantages:

Cost effective in transportation due to better use of available space Stabilizes liquid-like products making storage/transport more safe Suitable for storage on shelves.

Square 4-panel 

Internal baffels made by ultrasonic cutting thus eliminating the possibility of loose particles.

Square 4-net

Internal net made by one continues thread to avoid loose particles. Ensures very easy product flow during filling and discharging.

Conductive Big Bag

Conductive Big Bag

During filling and discharging of big bags static electricity will occur due to the friction between product and fabric. In worst case this will led to an explosion depending on the product and the surrounding atmosphere.

Big Bags are classified by their discharging ability:

Type A 

No conductivity. 

Type B 

Ensures a breakdown voltage of less than 4 kV which prevents the occurrence of propagating brush discharges. Can be used in the presence of potentially flammable dust atmospheres provided it’s ignition energy is greater than app. 3 mJ.

Type C 

Interwoven carbon threads that are connected and grounded ensures a resistance to earth from any location on the FIBC of less than 108 Ohm. Suitable for use in the presence of any potentially flammable atmosphere provided the FIBC is adequately grounded during use.

Type D 

Special PP-fabric which in itself is conductive – without the need for grounding.

All above mentioned types can be supplied as food approved, UN-certified, quadro with or without liner.

Vented Big Bags

Vented Big Bags

Side panels constructed with reinforced openings ensuring ventilation of the product. Particular suitable for potatoes and onions. Can also be supplied with HDPE-net if more ventilation is needed.

1 and 2 loop Bags

The loops are constructed by assembling the circular woven fabric in the top. During lifting the pressure is dispersed downwards on the body-fabric. 1 & 2 loop constructed bags are very much suitable for crane lifting.

1 loop bag with flat bottom

1 loop bag with discharge spout

2 loop bag with flat bottom

2 loop bag with discharge spout

Multi Bag

GLECOtainer Multi-Bag is constructed of heavy duty fabric, loops and yarn.
The full bottom discharge system enables quick release to ensure easy discharging and quick prepare for second filling.


Gusseted tube film on roll as pallet hoods or liners

Gusseted liner

Formed liner 2-D

Formed liner 3-D

Gambo liner